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Jana Hicks, a native of Texas, holds a BFA in dance from SMU and performed with a variety of companies and choreographers in Texas and New York throughout her career. She is currently Co-Artistic Director of The Next Stage Project and has taught and choreographed for over 30 years in the US and abroad. Jana currently teaches contemporary dance at Peridance Capezio Center, and teaches yoga at Now Yoga, Peridance Capezio Center, and is a mentor and teacher for Y4C (Yoga for Cancer).

Jana holds multiple yoga certifications, including through Om Yoga (Cyndi Lee), Now Yoga at The Shala (Edward Jones, Frank Mauro, and Joe Miller), and y4c (Tari Prinster). Jana began her yoga training in the Vinyasa tradition at Om Yoga Center in 2003. With a busy dance life, yoga practice was sporadic until a breast cancer diagnosis in 2010. y4c brought her back to Om, back to her mat, and there began a powerful, healing, dedicated practice that has been an integral part of her life alongside dance ever since. Deepest gratitude to all of her teachers who have guided and supported her along this path.


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