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Jana was introduced to Antigravity® yoga in 2015 and immediately loved being in the hammock and intrigued with the way it complimented her other practices and teachings. As an AntiGravity® certified teacher, Jana enjoys sharing both the playfulness and the restorative benefits offered through the practice.

Antigravity® Fundamentals

Gain strength in your practice as you challenge yourself to stretch further and attempt more difficult positions with the assistance of the Harrison AntiGravity® Hammock.


AntiGravity® Decompression Session is suitable for all fitness levels. Whether it’s your first time flying with us or you’re an experienced flyer, the sequence of this AntiGravity class will decompress the mind and body, and align from head to toe. 


AntiGravity® Restorative is the gentle, deep stretching, healing side of AntiGravity® Fitness. Quieting the mind, while floating the body through a series of gentle gyro kinetic motions, this technique deeply opens the entire spine, hips, and connective tissues of the body. 

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